Jaq Chartier's paintings explore scientific methods through experimentation with paint and process. All of her works are "tests" to discover something about materials and what they do. Inspired in part by images of DNA gel electrophoresis, Chartier investigates the migration of various stains through layers of paint and acrylic gels.

Paintings such as, 1 Day vs. 1 Week [2006], Sun Test: 40 Whites [2004-2010], and Large Spectrum Chart [2010] – titles that attest to such experimentation – feature intimate views of materials as they react to each other, to light, and the passage of time, including notes written directly on the paintings. Through experimentation, observation and notation Chartier creates sensuous paintings that provide commentary on both the visual culture and everyday practice of scientific investigation by highlighting similarities between artistic and scientific practice.

Chartier's paintings have been featured in major exhibitions including: Genipulation: Genetic Engineering and Manipulation in Contemporary Art, at CentrePasqueArt, Kunsthaus Centre d’art, Biel Bienne, Switzerland; Genesis – Die Kunst der Schöpfung (The Art of Creation), at Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland; Diagnose [Art]: Contemporary Art Reflecting Medicine, at the Kunst-Museum Ahlen, Germany; and Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics, which traveled from the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, to the Berkeley Art Museum, Weisman Art Museum, and Block Museum of Art. Her paintings have been featured in books and publications including Art+Science Now, by Stephen Wilson, and Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art, by Ingeborg Reichle. Awards include an Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship, and PONCHO Special Recognition Award from the Seattle Art Museum's Betty Bowan Committee. She was also a Creative Capital Grant finalist and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Award nominee, and is a current finalist for the 2011 Contemporary Northwest Art Award at the Portland Art Museum. Her work has been collected by Microsoft , Rosetta Inpharmatics, the Progressive Art Collection, and others.
Jaq Chartierdownload printable CV: 2-pg PDF (condensed version) 4-pg (.rtf text format)

1994 MFA, painting, University of Washington, Seattle
1984 BFA, painting (Cum Laude), University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1980-81 Syracuse University, NY
Solo Exhibitions
2013 "Ultra Marine," Elizabeth Leach, Portland
2011 "Slow Color," Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York
2010 "SuperNatural," Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland
2009 "Downtime," Platform Gallery, Seattle
2008 "Color Charts," Haines Gallery, San Francisco
"Full Spectrum," Elizabeth Leach, Portland
"Testing," William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA
2007 "Color Tests," Schroeder Romero, NY
2006 "Testing," University of Michigan, Institute for the Humanities, Ann Arbor
"Blindsight," Platform Gallery, Seattle
2005 "Testing," LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
"Testing," Elizabeth Leach, Portland
2004 "Testing," Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn
"Testing," LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
2003 "Testing," Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn
"New Work," William Traver Gallery, Tacoma, WA
2002 "Testing," Frumkin/Duval, Santa Monica
"Testing," LIMN,
San Francisco
"Testing," Cervini
Haas Gallery, Scottsdale
2001 "Testing," William Traver Gallery, Seattle
2000 "Testing," Cervini Haas Gallery, Scottsdale
1998 "Testing," William Traver Gallery, Seattle
1997 William Traver Gallery, Seattle
Russo Gallery, Portland
1996 William Traver Gallery, Seattle
1995 William Traver Gallery, Seattle
Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 "Chamber Music," Frye Art Museum, Seattle
Robischon Gallery, Denver
2012 "Elles: SAM Gallery," Seattle Tower Building, Seattle
"Elles : Platform," Platform Gallery, Seattle
2011 "One Thing Leads to Another: process and repetition in contemporary print and drawings," San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
"Seattle As Collector: Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Turns 40," 40th Anniversary Exhibition at Seattle Art Museum. Catalog.
2010 "Default State Network," Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York
Robischon Gallery, Denver
Power of Selection, part 3," Western Exhibitions, Chicago
Ceremony," Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York
William Baczek Gallery, Northampton, MA
Mid-Career Artists," Seattle Public Utilities Portable Works, Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery
2009 "Genipulation: Genetic Engineering and Manipulation in Contemporary Art," CentrePasqueArt, Kunsthaus Centre d'art,
Biel Bienne, Switzerland. Catalog.

2008 "Genesis – Die Kunst der Schöpfung (The Art of Creation)," Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland. Catalog.
Does DNA Define You?" Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, ID
2007 "Diagnose [Art]: Contemporary Art Reflecting Medicine," Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, Germany. Catalog.
"Human Nature II: Future Worlds," SoFA Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington. Catalog.
Gathering of Friends," inaugural exhibition, Golden Foundation for the Arts Gallery, New Berlin, NY. Catalog.
"Beneath the Skin," LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
2006 "Diagnose [Art]: Contemporary Art Reflecting Medicine," book catalog, Kunst-Museum Ahlen, Germany, (reproductions).
Mighty," p|m Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Tradition," Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, WA
2005 "5 Painters," Platform, Seattle
Over Hand: pushing the limits of paint," Denise Bibro, NY
"Neddy Artist Fellowship Exhibition," Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2003 "Portals," Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI
Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR
2002 "Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics," Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle. Traveled through 2004: Berkeley Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley; Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
2001 "Theory or Faith," LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
2000 "4x4: Four Decades of School of Art Alumni," Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle
1999 "Neddy Artist Fellowship Exhibition," Seafirst Bank Gallery, Seattle
1998 "Hands On Color," Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
"Pattern," Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR
1997 "They Came Here First!" CoCA (Center on Comtemp. Art), and Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle
Beeswax," SOIL Gallery, Seattle
"Drawings...A Bi-Coastal Invitational
," Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery, Seattle
1991 "The Figure: Personal Views and Collaborations," Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA
"Common Past, Recent Work
," Wheeler Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1990 "Viewing Ourselves," Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1989 "Art and Soul," Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
2011 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards Finalist, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR
2006 Neddy Fellowship Award nominee, Behnke Foundation, Seattle
2005 Neddy Fellowship Award nominee, Behnke Foundation, Seattle
2004 Special Projects Grant, 4Culture (Cultural Development Authority of King County), Seattle
Visual Arts Grant finalist, Creative Capital Foundation, NY
2003 Purchase Award - Portable Works Collection, City of Seattle, Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
2002 Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship, Seattle
2001 PONCHO Special Recognition Award, administered by the Betty Bowan Award Committee, Seattle Art Museum
Joan Mitchell Foundation Award nominee, NY
1999 Artist Trust GAP Grant (Grant for Artists' Projects), Seattle
Betty Bowan Award nominee, Seattle Art Museum
Centrum Residency, Port Townsend, WA
Fellowship Award nominee, Behnke Foundation, Seattle
Amgen, Seattle
Chambers Hotel, New York
City of Seattle, Portable Works Collection
The Progressive Art Collection
Rosetta Inpharmatics, Seattle
Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle
Tacoma Art Museum, WA
Wellington Management
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